Eric Stokes

Image of former member of Winslow Concert Band, Eric Stokes, who passed away on 28th September 2017

Eric Stokes

We were all very sad to hear that Band member Eric Stokes had passed away on 28th September 2017.

Eric had been a member of the Winslow Concert Band for 9 years. He played Alto Saxophone and was a great asset to the section. He was a very accomplished musician and also played Tenor Sax and Clarinet for many years.

You could always rely on Eric to be at rehearsals on Thursday evenings, diligently practising his pieces at home during the week and then often driving around Buckinghamshire at the weekends to play for band gigs and concerts. In 2012 and 2014 he travelled to France with us when the band went ‘on tour’, enjoying the hospitality of our friends in Cours La Ville as part of the Winslow Twinning Association’s annual exchange.  He was certainly a very active member and always wanted to support the band in the many events we were involved with.

We especially enjoyed Eric’s company ‘outside hours’ when many of us would meet in the pub after rehearsal, his was always a nice glass of Merlot! We are a very close knit family band and never needed an excuse to socialise. We often would go for drinks, a meal or a concert and Eric would always be there with us.

Eric was a great role model to the younger members in the band, he was always so cheerful, positive and enthusiastic whatever type of music the band was working on. He was friendly and caring, and even when his health started to fail; he never grumbled but always had a smile on his face. He was example to us all!

Eric’s great love in music was Big Band and Swing style music; he especially loved the Glen Miller era and all the excitement it brought. Tonight as a tribute to Eric we would like to dedicate two songs to his memory. The first is ‘A Shirley Bassey Showcase’ from a fellow Welsh musician and then his all-time favourite piece ‘Take the ‘A’ Train.

We miss you Eric

Helen Kemp